Learn Roman Capitals.



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Calligraphy.Roman capitals alphabet.double pencils.img.jpg


Monumental capitals might be 8 to 10 nib-widths high. These are 7.                         Pen angle 30 degrees except for diagonals – 45 degrees, and legs of N, almost upright pen. Capitals in body text are better kept to perhaps half again as high as the minuscules. Widths of Roman capitals vary from 1 nib width – “I”, to half a square – “E”,  3/4 – “G”, 1 square “O”, to one and a half squares -“W”.

Holy Father Benedict

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  1. Hi Bill,Thanks for stopping by. I was a smoker for a very long time and I think to quit the smoking forced my body more than I guessed. I mean, I quitted smoking and the system crashed, lol. Now I am in trouble with some allergy troubles and this ruinned my life. As a friend said, smoking is saving the immune system. This idea is not acceptable maybe but in my reality, I thought a little on it. I just can say, "maybe".Thanks for the link you left on my space. Have a nice sunday, cheers, Zeynep xx

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  2. Hi Bill,Like your advice, I am away from computerland for a little while. For a good fresh air also, I have no luck about that. My house is at the heart of the city and a lot of traffic and crowded outside of my house. I can’t open the windows all the time because of the exhaust smoke and dust.I am glad that Gill and Beastie loved the conversation with the cats. Thanks for the video link. I will watch it via hidemyass, because You Tube videos are still banned by this area.Happy Father’s Day, love, Zeynep xx

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