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Luton art ’12 Exhibition entries. (No3 The Night has aThousand Eyes)

Once again, I started this as a doodle, at Jewels on a Tuesday afternoon.

I had a canvas that was A3 size, or thereabouts and thought I might experiment with acrylics, gold leaf, pointed pen and blow-pipe. But first I needed to find a layout

Calligraphy trial, The night, img,jpg


I really like the look of the second, pointed italic version, but will save that one for another occasion.  The roundly flowing lines of the Uncial seemed to be more what I was looking for.


So, put a wash of a violet acrylic roughly on to the canvas, chalked on some guide lines and straight in with the silver acrylic.


Then with the addition of some colour in the counter-spaces.


A white gold moon and a few puffs of the blow-pipe later.


One more coat of silver on the Uncials, a few more stars and a bit of cloud around the moon


Just a couple of days before submission date, we went along to Zanart, Ezeframe to find something that might fit.  There were two or three frames, ready made, that would have done very nicely, but Gill, (Quality Control), spotted this moulding amongst the hundreds of samples in the showroom.  Busy as they were, the Zanart staff went into overdrive and made the frame while we waited.  Many thanks to you all.

Now I can relax. My three pieces are completed, framed, and delivered to Wardown Park Museum for judging. All I can do now, along with all the other entrants, is await the verdict. Good Luck to us all.

Keep watching this space.

Luton art ’12 Exhibition entries. (No2 The Magic Flute)

This piece started as a doodle during one of our Tuesday afternoon sessions at Jewels.  Gill, spends more time practising piano and less and less on flute lately, and  I tend to think there is so much more magic in the flute than the ivories.

This began as usual with the two pencil approach but this time I wanted to concentrate on a roundel.


By the end of the session I had something like this.


Some of my Facebook friends thought perhaps I should turn the “flute” around to flow with the other letters and after trying different combinations I came up with this.  You will see there is also just a ghost of a crescent moon.


Then this was traced onto a large sheet of Canford card and drawn with a pointed pen and gold, silver and bronze acrylics.


I might have left it there and framed it as a square but I was still determined to add the Moon, somehow.  First though, the sky needed some colour and some stars. These were added using various shades of acrylics with a blow pipe. Lots of puff. I found then, that all my letters needed another coat to make them more visible. Then the planning of some relevant words from the opera, lightly sketched in  with chalk.

N.B. If you use acrylics, Chalk can be easily dusted off using a damp sponge.


Then the Moon was painted in with Kolner Miniatum ink and gilded with 12.05 ct. white gold. Quality Control thought this looked a bit stark so I puffed some colour over.


Still not looking right, so I bit the bullet and set to, distressing the silvery moon with sandpaper.  Then, with silver acrylic and pointed pen wrote in the words and added more, in blue, to an outer roundel, the name of the librettist across the bottom of the piece, and finished by creating a few filmy clouds and some more stars, using the same gold as the moon.


A nice silver frame to set it off.


Phew! what a journey.  I think that will do. As usual there is much more that could be done, but you have to stop somewhere.


So, on to the next piece.