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My work on eBay in time for St Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it strange how sometimes a passage leaps off the page and really makes you think?   Rumi  has long been an inspiration for me, though I can’t say that I totally live up to his Ideals.  This piece speaks out, I believe, to everyone who has ever been in love, so feel free to copy one of these and send it to your special someone.  If you would like an original take your pick of three I have listed.

 This link will take you to my eBay page where you will find all three versions. 

UNSOLD.   Still available though. at  Calligraphy by Bill Grant

The first is A4 size.  Roundhand.  x height 1/8″.

A3 sizeItalic.  x height 1/4″.

A3 size.  Italic.  x height 1/4″.

Hoping you all have a great Valentines day.

Keep watching this space.


A new departure for 2012. My work on eBay.

With my drawers and cupboards overflowing with work such as this, and the larder looking more and more like that of Mother Hubbard, this step seems the obvious way to redress the balance.  Aaah!

As an experiment, from time to time I shall be posting the odd piece on eBay. 

This very topical piece was made in November last, in response to The Press coverage of the “Occupy” Movement.

When will the time come when honest and clear seeing men will grow sick of all this chaos of waste, this robbing of Peter to pay Paul, which is the essence of Commercial war?
When shall we band together to replace the system whose motto is ” The devil take the hindmost ” with a system whose motto shall be really and without qualification
” One for all and all for one “?
Who knows but the time may be at hand, but that we now living may see the beginning of that end which shall extinguish luxury and poverty? When the upper, middle and lower classes shall have melted into one class, living contentedly a simple and happy life.

Wm. Morris.

It is rapidly written with Prout’s Brown Ink on hand- made paper and measures 15″ x 11″ –  38cm x 28cm, and is now available on eBay.

Have a look and if you have any suggestions as to any other pieces you might like to see listed, please let me know via the comments box.

Many thanks.

Keep watching this space.

Christmas Greetings 2011

With Many Thanks to all visitors to Bill’s Space.

Hoping I can keep you informed and entertained in 2012 and beyond.


p.s.  Two clicks on this will show a huge image.

Calligradoodles-0006. How to write Italic Swash Capitals with double pencil.

Once you have got your teeth into italics you will need some capitals.  These are my version.  It has taken some years to reach this stage.  I strongly recommend that the beginner first studies Richard’s example before adding flourishes/swashes. 

These are eight nibwidths in height. That is  two and a half inches. You will note that the minuscule x height  was five nibwidths / one and a half inches.  Whatever you do with Initial capitals, the capitals within a body of script look more balanced and seem slightly weightier if kept to approximately half the height again of the minuscule.

Once again there are one or two letters here that have gone slightly awry. Rather than stopping to rub them out, thus spoiling the rhythm, I have again elected to carry on and show the whole sequence, warts and all. 

If you have any questions regarding this lesson or any of the others, please  ask them in the comment box. Others might like to see the answer too.

Next, and hopefully, not long in coming, Old English Blackletter.

Keep watching this space.

Calligradoodles_0005 How to write an Italic alphabet with double pencil.

At long last the video to complement Richard’s worksheets.

Over all, I am quite pleased, apart from one or two wayward ascenders. Bear in mind that the x height here is one and a half inches ie five nib widths.

I have tried to give an indication of the rhythm generated by the italic script. Though the music is added after the video is published. it does seem to fit in quite nicely.

I hope you enjoy it and that it is some help.

Keep watching this space.


Good Friday

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Christmas and New Year Greetings

Wishing all my friends and visitors to Bill’s Space, Very Best Wishes for Christmas, and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.