A Hair-raising idea to help Luton Irish Forum


Hi. I’m Bill, one of many volunteers with Luton Irish Forum, who recently received The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. My wife Gill and I, among other roles within LIF also run the Calligraphy group which has been using Zoom as its platform throughout the pandemic.

During the eight years I have been with the Forum who offered a free room and only asking a nominal £1.00 donation from each participant, I spent at least six growing quite a head of hair.

To repay the forum for their kindness I had decided to have my lovely flowing locks chopped off and was going to set up this fundraiser for March 24th. Unfortunately, on March 1st, after two sessions of Chemotherapy for a recently operated Big C, I was admitted to hospital suffering with a form of sepsis during which, guess what, I started losing my hair. Upon my discharge on March 21st I thought that luckily I had retained enough to do as planned and have arranged for my hairdresser, Rachel, to accompany me to LIF’s TEA and CHAT group on the 24th as planned and shear off all that is left.

Please click on the link above to give generously to a charity which is making a big difference to many local people of many diverse faiths, creeds, cultures, and nationalities.

Watch Gill’s Introduction and then Rachel shears it off: https://fb.watch/c34OjAbmKO/

Then Gill is subjected to the same fate: https://fb.watch/c35qMwLx80/

Then Visitor PCSO Dan donates his hair also: https://fb.watch/c35OW6BCMk/

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