Luton Irish Forum Calligraphy Group.



Since completing the series of Workshops at Luton Museum, I have had numerous enquiries about when, or if, they might be repeated. Or, perhaps, if there might be evening sessions somewhere. I have floated a few ideas with Luton Culture and will post any response here.

The future of the Wardown Park Museum has been, and still is a concern for the community and for those in the surrounding countryside. The Museum Makers enterprise, recently begun by Luton Culture, could just be the impetus needed to bring in a bit of creativity and muscle  to help the already hard working staff and volunteers.

Meanwhile, many thanks to the staff at Luton Irish Forum who have bent over backwards to provide us with a beautifully equipped room in which to set up the Luton Irish Forum Calligraphy Group. This link is to a Facebook group page which is open only to members, where we can show our work for evaluation, edification, and of course, for fun. This very informal group meets every Friday afternoon 2.30 -4.30. All are welcome. Come along for a taster session if you are not sure what to expect.  If you are a beginner, what better way of learning, than working alongside those who are more advanced, and if you are experienced or even a master, your skills would be invaluable to us all.

If you are a visitor to the town pop in to say hello and join us for a session or two.

I am looking forward to meeting some more local scribes and to promoting the use of GOOD lettering skills into the future.

DIRECTIONS to LIF :-  Coming from Station Road, or Round Green, proceed along Hitchin Road to Brunswick Road roundabout, then turn into the municipal car-park. Then through the gate into the LIF car-park.

If you have any questions or advice, please use the comments box.


Keep watching this space.

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