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These links have been salvaged from the Original Bill’s Space .

Categories are :- Calligraphy / Blogs / Art /Design / Teachers resources / History / RE /Museums, Galleries, etc.

If your blog / site  is not listed, it is not that I don’t rate it. To make sure you are included, add your URL etc to comments and I’ll be pleased to paste them in.                                                                       Calligraphy group on Spaces Live.
A lovely site covering all things about pointed pen calligraphy.  Calligraphy Group on Facebook specially for the beginner and those who wish to offer help and encouragement. All welcome to join in.                                Follow Bill’s Space blog                                              UK Framing company. Well recommended   /                                              CALLIGRAPHERS WORLDWIDE                       A Calligraphy blog. Maggie McNeice. Calligraphy and Design. Well recommended  Calligraphy, a scribes notes. Hints, tips, etc. Well recommended.                  Carol’s Calligraphy. Another nice Calligraphy blog.          These calligraphy blogs get better and better!                                                                                       A lovely Australian calligraphy blog.                                                                                 Lots of arty blogs                                                                  Pen People Magazine                                                                 Spirituality combined with artistry. Well recommended.                                                         A French site dedicated to Calligraphy, Graffiti, Calligraffiti, with travelling workshops and children’s activities                                                           Learn how to make your own manuscript.!/group.php?gid=321457334533                    Facebook group dedicated to the art of Ebru ( Marbling )                                                                                     Add a piece of your work to the album.                                                                                Lettercutting at its best                                                               Now on redbubble. Some of Bill’s work for sale. Support this page                                                                       Thousands of pages of Digitised Manuscripts from all over the world.                                                                                                            Some beautiful images of Arabic Calligraphy in a trully mind-blowing blog. The content of this site is so huge that I can’t guarantee there is nothing rude or offensive in it’s pages.                                                                              Heraldic Clip Art                                                                                           Graphic Design from scratch.                                                                                           Literature, Quotes, Verse, etc.


THE WORLD, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING                                                                                                                                                                        The British Library. READ ALL ABOUT IT. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMManuscripts                                                                                                                                 All the TATE galleries, plus young Tate, THEMED EXAM HELP etc.                                                             The Saatchi Gallery                                                                          Artcyclopedia                                                       Teachers Resources. 0 – 8 Y.O.                                                                 IDEAS TO INSPIRE                                                                                          Teachers Net. LESSON PLANS                                                                          THE KENEDY CENTER ArtsEdge LESSON PLANS etc.                                                                                                                                      THE UNDERLYING CAUSES OF BULLYING. Plus the effective use of silence and much more.                                                                                                   The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.                                                                                  Promethian planet. The world of the Whiteboard                                                                                                        Encyclopedia of Myth, Folklore and Religion.                                                                                  Wikipedia                                                                                               WOW!!! Everything you ever wanted to know about everything but didn’t know how to ask                                                                                   A – Z of plants, gardening and wildlife                                           A Modern Herbal By Mrs. M. Grieve.                                             Medical  Encyclopedia. DON’T READ THIS. IT IS CATCHING!                                                                          U.K. Wildlife and Countryside.                                                                                                                                                             RSPB. BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS and MORE BIRDS.                                                                         For the Mathematician. You have learned your x tables. Everything else is in here.             The World Factbook. The World as seen by the C.I.A.                                                                       U.S.Census Bureau                                                        The Rudiments of Wisdom in cartoon form                                                                                              Comic Art museums/database/                                                                            The British Museum                                                                           Lots of valuable resources all on one site.                                                              TEACHERNET / Teachers T.V.                                                                                           BBC Schools                                                                                     BBC History                                                       Channel 4 History                                                                                         The National Archives Learning Curve                                                                            The National Archives                                                                                 Starry Messenger. A HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY                                                                                        The Metropolitan Museum of Art                                                                         History on the Net                                                                       Scottish History                                                                                              Old Maps Of Scotland                                                                         Hyper History Online                                                                                   History Learning Site                                                                             Map of London 1827                                                                                              Old Maps                                                                        History of the Monarchy                                                                                               Early British Kingdoms                                                                                  British History                                           This site might help to get the ideas flowing.                                                       Thousands of resources for sunday school teachers.

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