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My works on display at Barista Coffee House, Market Square, Leighton Buzzard. Extended to 24th October

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.The Barista Coffee House in Leighton Buzzard, a very busy establishment on the Market Square, with a well deserved reputation for its cheerful service and great food and, of course, coffee.  It is host to perhaps four or five artists each year and, having been introduced by my friend Julie, from Jewels, who herself has exhibited here, I am pleased to have been chosen to show my work here until the 3rd of October. (NOW EXTENDED UNTIL 24th OCTOBER)  So if you are in the area, why not pop in for some refreshments and to have a look at some works you might recognise from posts in The Gallery here, at Bill’s Space, or from Facebook. Apart from one or two of the 24 pieces on show, all are for sale at, I think, very reasonable prices. I am also able to supply to order, fine art prints and canvasses of most of the items on view, just get in touch for a quote. Of course, I am still available for commissions, and especially to help with your wedding and events arrangements.

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.


Just a glimpse of what you will find at the Barista. Please mention Bill’s Space and give my regards to the hard working staff.

For the bibliophiles amongst you, a sculpture outside the local Library.

Book Sculptures. Leighton Buzzard Library. img. jpg.

Book Sculptures. Leighton Buzzard Library.

Cheers.  Keep watching this space.

The Red Dot Gallery Exhibition.

Red Dot Gallery exhibition.img. jpg.

April 22nd and an invitation, due to one exhibitor of a group unfortunately having to cancel, I am invited to include some of my work in the local Red Dot Gallery, exhibition which is to open on May 1st so I have one week to delve into my portfolio of framed / unframed pieces and works in progress.

I very soon realised that I would need more frames and as time was getting short decided to take a trip to Zanart Ezeframe.  I have been using their expertise for around thirty years or so and  have always been extremely pleased with their products and service. The workshop is within a 20 minute or so drive of home so is also very handy. I subsequently posted on my Facebook page :- Have just spent a pleasant afternoon in Dane Lane, Wilstead, with the folks at Zanart EzeFrame. Fun to watch them chase a huge wasp / hornet? around the workshop. Came away with 6 frames plus a couple of mounts cut, while I waited, to be used at next week’s Red Dot exhibition. Great service and huge range of framing options. I recommend a look at their website and, if you can visit, a browse through their sale items.

Then a very busy weekend polishing and framing and in the end delivered            15 pieces to Red Dot on Monday April 29th. Luckily, as I had so many other things to take care of, Sam and the staff offered to hang my offerings so I left them in very capable hands.

Today, May 1st, I just had to go along to see the result. Here we are, the fruits of my labours all mixed up with an assortment of other goodies from                      Mike La-traille, Dave Poulton, Ruth Goodman,Nick Colyer, and Zakia Abdullah.


   DSCF3948   DSCF3949

DSCF3955   DSCF3953   DSCF3954

DSCF3952   DSCF3954 (2)profolial   DSCF3960

DSCF3951  DSCF3950


If you get the chance, why not come along and have a look.

Red Dot Flyer

Cheers.   Keep watching this space.

Luton art ’12 Exhibition entries. (No1 Gilldoodle)

Last year my entries for this exhibition were ready-made pieces, and all I needed to do was mount, frame, and submit. I was pleased and not a little surprised when two of these were chosen to hang. Unsold at the time, but subsequently two of the three entries have found new homes.

This year, for Luton art ’12, I started from scratch. Each piece being specially made with the exhibition in mind.

First, a sketch I started around about the time of  Gill’s birthday was crying out to be completed.


Gillian first written with double pencil in an Uncial script half way down a sheet of A3 copy paper. The long drawn out strokes becoming branches and shoots growing organically as if in a hedgerow. Then traced as if mirrored. The “G” then becomes a bowl for the Gilldoodle tree to live in.


I had an unused frame in mind and some Canford? card I had purchased from Jewels Arts and Crafts Centre specially for this piece.

The next job was to coat the back of the piece with chalk, centre it on the card,  attach with masking tape and trace off the whole image. Then things began to get really interesting. I realised that I had used a more grippy tape than usual and could not detach the one from the other without removing some of the surface of the card. I decided to carry on though, and think of a way round the problem while working. Next mixed up some gold acrylic and with a pointed pen drew over the tracing. Filled in the letters with white, changed my mind, then crosshatched with gold. Each leaf was then “stabbed” in with the same pen using a bronze acrylic, once again bearing in mind the nature of a growing tree. Next, the flowers, simply sketched with silver acrylic, and petals touched in with white.



Then to the small problem with the background. The position of the blemishes was not conducive to hiding them in a border, so I accented them with sandpaper which made a very interesting raised nap surface that was continued over the whole of the unused card, and then with white pastel covered the piece and slowly but surely worked it into this.


  Then tried with the frame


Yes. That is more or less what I had in mind.

Gilldoodle framed

I hope Gill likes it!

Now on to the next piece.