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My works on display at Barista Coffee House, Market Square, Leighton Buzzard. Extended to 24th October

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.The Barista Coffee House in Leighton Buzzard, a very busy establishment on the Market Square, with a well deserved reputation for its cheerful service and great food and, of course, coffee.  It is host to perhaps four or five artists each year and, having been introduced by my friend Julie, from Jewels, who herself has exhibited here, I am pleased to have been chosen to show my work here until the 3rd of October. (NOW EXTENDED UNTIL 24th OCTOBER)  So if you are in the area, why not pop in for some refreshments and to have a look at some works you might recognise from posts in The Gallery here, at Bill’s Space, or from Facebook. Apart from one or two of the 24 pieces on show, all are for sale at, I think, very reasonable prices. I am also able to supply to order, fine art prints and canvasses of most of the items on view, just get in touch for a quote. Of course, I am still available for commissions, and especially to help with your wedding and events arrangements.

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.

The Barista, Leighton Buzzard. img. jpg.


Just a glimpse of what you will find at the Barista. Please mention Bill’s Space and give my regards to the hard working staff.

For the bibliophiles amongst you, a sculpture outside the local Library.

Book Sculptures. Leighton Buzzard Library. img. jpg.

Book Sculptures. Leighton Buzzard Library.

Cheers.  Keep watching this space.

The Red Dot Gallery Exhibition.

Red Dot Gallery exhibition.img. jpg.

April 22nd and an invitation, due to one exhibitor of a group unfortunately having to cancel, I am invited to include some of my work in the local Red Dot Gallery, exhibition which is to open on May 1st so I have one week to delve into my portfolio of framed / unframed pieces and works in progress.

I very soon realised that I would need more frames and as time was getting short decided to take a trip to Zanart Ezeframe.  I have been using their expertise for around thirty years or so and  have always been extremely pleased with their products and service. The workshop is within a 20 minute or so drive of home so is also very handy. I subsequently posted on my Facebook page :- Have just spent a pleasant afternoon in Dane Lane, Wilstead, with the folks at Zanart EzeFrame. Fun to watch them chase a huge wasp / hornet? around the workshop. Came away with 6 frames plus a couple of mounts cut, while I waited, to be used at next week’s Red Dot exhibition. Great service and huge range of framing options. I recommend a look at their website and, if you can visit, a browse through their sale items.

Then a very busy weekend polishing and framing and in the end delivered            15 pieces to Red Dot on Monday April 29th. Luckily, as I had so many other things to take care of, Sam and the staff offered to hang my offerings so I left them in very capable hands.

Today, May 1st, I just had to go along to see the result. Here we are, the fruits of my labours all mixed up with an assortment of other goodies from                      Mike La-traille, Dave Poulton, Ruth Goodman,Nick Colyer, and Zakia Abdullah.


   DSCF3948   DSCF3949

DSCF3955   DSCF3953   DSCF3954

DSCF3952   DSCF3954 (2)profolial   DSCF3960

DSCF3951  DSCF3950


If you get the chance, why not come along and have a look.

Red Dot Flyer

Cheers.   Keep watching this space.

Luton art ’12 Exhibition entries. (No3 The Night has aThousand Eyes)

Once again, I started this as a doodle, at Jewels on a Tuesday afternoon.

I had a canvas that was A3 size, or thereabouts and thought I might experiment with acrylics, gold leaf, pointed pen and blow-pipe. But first I needed to find a layout

Calligraphy trial, The night, img,jpg


I really like the look of the second, pointed italic version, but will save that one for another occasion.  The roundly flowing lines of the Uncial seemed to be more what I was looking for.


So, put a wash of a violet acrylic roughly on to the canvas, chalked on some guide lines and straight in with the silver acrylic.


Then with the addition of some colour in the counter-spaces.


A white gold moon and a few puffs of the blow-pipe later.


One more coat of silver on the Uncials, a few more stars and a bit of cloud around the moon


Just a couple of days before submission date, we went along to Zanart, Ezeframe to find something that might fit.  There were two or three frames, ready made, that would have done very nicely, but Gill, (Quality Control), spotted this moulding amongst the hundreds of samples in the showroom.  Busy as they were, the Zanart staff went into overdrive and made the frame while we waited.  Many thanks to you all.

Now I can relax. My three pieces are completed, framed, and delivered to Wardown Park Museum for judging. All I can do now, along with all the other entrants, is await the verdict. Good Luck to us all.

Keep watching this space.

Blowing my own trumpet.


The works I show here, were made for my own entertainment and first shown in my Facebook album “Just for Fun”.  They were given quite a good reception from those who saw them, so when I saw an invitation to enter the luton art’11 exhibition, I thought why not?  I had never previously entered an open exhibition even though Luton’s Annual art exhibition  has been a feature in the town way back since before I was born, which is a day or two!

So, on the submission date, off I went with my shortlist of three pieces, shown here lined up on the mantlepiece.  From left to right a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche and two versions of Aehd wishes for the cloths of heaven by WB Yeats.

You could have blown me down with a feather when I subsequently got notice that two of my pieces had been accepted.  Guess which………………………………..


If you live locally you can find out by going to have a look.  The exhibition is on until 26th February.  There is some lovely work on display.  Wardown Park  is a great setting so why not make a day of it?

If you can’t make it, keep watching this space.