It has been 6 weeks or so since Bill’s Space took off.  This has been my first experience of anything www. orientated.  Talk about learning curves!  It has been very rewarding to see so many people taking advantage of the facilities.  According to the meter at my disposal there have been 800 hits, give or take a few, but so far no feedback.  I have many ideas as to how this site will progress, but it would be good to know what you, the visitor, make of it.  I think some of you may be from the teaching profession – welcome!  Were it not for you, I might never have even thought about lettering as an art form.

1  What do you need?

2  What do you want?

3  What would you like to see in a site such as this?

Please let me know via email:- calligraffiti@live.co.uk or leave comments in the various boxes throughout the site.

Ultimately I could host a network with instant messaging where like-minded people could get together.  Could this become your support channel?

Keep watching this space …

One response to “TIME FLIES

  1. Hi, I’m from Sweden. Sorry to hear you didn’t get any feedback! I am about to start practise again after a break. I still not done withe my starter script jet with is italic kursive. And I have been tought that get this before start any other technic. When I have some speartime I research good practice links to map on my homescreen. I miss read what date you posted this.🙂 Maybee its years ago, and no point in it to write you feedback?
    Anyhow! Love when I found this stuff like yours on the net and you now are in my homescreen in my calligraphy practice map! 😊 Thank you for your what you have sheared!🙏🏻


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