Welcome to Calligraphy by Bill Grant

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 Bill’s calligraphic skills range from the “Namedoodle“, a novel twist on writing a name or monogram, to “Calligradoodles”, the “fun” side of the business, to logo design, and then the more traditional styles of lettering associated with illuminated manuscripts using historical tools and materials, including 23K gold leaf.
Bill especially enjoys working with the bride and groom as they plan their special day,  from designing and or writing the invitations, envelopes, place-cards etc, to creating a tasteful table plan.
He exhibited his work in a one man show at Luton Library in the early 80s. Had two pieces accepted in the Luton art ’11 exhibition, another two in Luton art ’12 at Wardown Park Museum, and in May 2013 joined a local group exhibition with 16 of his pieces at The Red Dot Gallery.
He has conducted Calligraphy retreats at Belmont Abbey, Hereford, run various groups and workshops including  five, weekly sessions at Luton Museum, and is in great demand for one-off workshops and demonstrations.
The blog, Bill’s Space, is Bill’s way of giving  the budding scribe a head start by showing by example how to make good letters and ways to overcome the problems and pitfalls he has encountered  as a novice and during his many decades as a practising scribe.
A look through this website and Bill’s Flickr Photostream will give good reason to consult Calligraphy by Bill Grant for all your lettering needs.
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