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The Foundational or Roundhand Alphabet. With thanks to Richard Crookes.

You will remember that some time ago Richard allowed me to use his italic worksheets at Bill’s Space. They have proved very popular. Over 1000 views, so far, with many people clicking through to download the zip file.  If you missed them, don’t worry they are still available at his website.

I was interested to hear that Richard has set up a series of very well attended calligraphy classes in Thailand, and has a blog, “Calligraphy Classes in Bangkok“, here on WordPress.

He made this ‘g’ during one of the classes and says, “that ‘g’ was about 4 feet high on a white board. It’s great fun working that large”.

He has completed some brilliant worksheets on the Foundational Hand, and has once again given me the go ahead to show them.  I think, however it would be in your own interest to have a look at his blog and a thorough root through his website where among loads of other goodies you will find some copies you can download for yourself.


Thanks Richard.

Don’t forget to then come back and see what is going on at our first lesson,  TIME TO GET TO WORK

Keep watching this space.


Welcome to Bill’s Space.

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Bill’s Space is aimed  at  anyone who has a love of calligraphy, or lettering. Especially beginners and those who  are  having trouble getting started.  Featuring videos and worksheets, links and articles, all with a bias toward art, calligraphy, lettering, and teacher’s resources, and updated as new material comes to my notice.

A Jack of All Trades. Always aspiring to become a master of lettering, I learned a basic italic hand at school, and became a regular at the local library calligraphy section. It took some years to find a local evening class but once there I found myself able to help fellow students with their struggles. Shortly after this I became a tutor myself at evening classes and also started a local church group.

Back in the eighties my work was exhibited in Luton Library.

For 6 years I was privileged to lead a Calligraphy Workshop/Retreat at Belmont Abbey, Hereford.
Any scribe will tell you that people wrongly assume that if you can put letters on paper you will be able to paint them onto almost anything. Brushwork, though, is a completely different technique to master. Luckily I was able to join a 1 year full-time C&G signwriting course and then worked for some time as a signwriter, but I never lost my love of penmanship.
I hope I can help you on your journey.

Bill’s Space was originally set up to promote good lettering. It has now metamorphosed into an all round meeting point for artists, calligraphers and teachers, worldwide, to relax while they search for that little something different to put in their resources locker. Recently a new group, CALLIGRAPHY at Bill’s Space Mk II, has been set up on Facebook to run alongside the original site. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience come and join in the fun. The more experienced scribe is encouraged to give help and assistance where needed.

A click on this image will take you to a comprehensive catalogue of tools and materials

I recommend that beginners go straight to Getting Started in Calligraphy where you will find a comprehensive guide on what you need to get started and links to the various lessons.

If you are looking for inspiration a browse through the links pages might just give you the nudge you need.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact box here-under.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please come again and tell your friends.

For embedded links to all my pictures, prices for commissions etc.,  don’t forget to visit my website, Calligraphy by Bill Grant .

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Calligradoodles_0003 How to write a Roman alphabet with double pencil.


Hopefully you have come to the right place. The project I am about to embark on is aimed at anyone who has a love of letterform.  Especially those who are having trouble getting started. 

First let me tell you a little about my particular journey.  A Jack of All Trades.  Always aspiring to become a master of lettering, I learned a basic italic hand at school in the fifties and was lucky some time later to come across Edward Johnston’s WRITING ILLUMINATING AND LETTERING UK ISBN 0 273 01064 6.  Bang! A scribe was born. It took some years to find a local evening class (20 wks) where I soon found myself helping fellow students with their struggles.  Very soon after this teaching at evening classes until the dreaded red tape meant that I would need to  gain some teaching qualifications if I were to continue. Since then I have taught at a church group and for the last 6 years have been lucky enough to lead a Calligraphy workshop/retreat at Belmont Abbey in Hereford.

Any scribe will tell you that people wrongly assume that if you can put letters on paper you will be able to paint them on to almost anything. Sadly  brushwork is a whole new technique to master. Here I was lucky enough to enrol in a one year full-time course and then worked for some time as a sign-writer but never lost my love of penmanship. If one is interested in learning the sign-writer’s craft I can heartily recommend Bill Stewart’s SIGNWORK  A CRAFTSMAN’S MANUAL ISBN 0-246-12195-5.


Watch this space!