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Gilding can be fun.

Last Tuesday at Jewels calligraphy group, we were discussing methods of gilding on vellum using Roberson’s Gold Body and Transfer Gold Leaf. Though I have done a fair amount of gilding I wouldn’t call myself an expert in any way, but at the end of the day Julie wrote down the stages that I generally use.


The whole place was in uproar as I read these words in an E.L. Wisty like voice. I, myself, could not get through the list without laughing so hard the tears ran down my face.

Here is a little clip of E.L. Wisty.

Lots of serious stuff on YouTube if you take the time to trawl through all the posts on gilding. but there is really no substitute for getting your sleeves rolled up and experiencing it for yourself.

I have just found this Pdf from John Neal’s, Book sellers re the use of Titanium Dioxide Gesso.
Very interesting.

Have fun.
Keep watching this space.