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St George’s Day Luton 2014

Calligraphy,St George,Henry V,jpg,img

I am taking these banners into Luton’s St George’s Square today for the children to colour in. It looks as if a good day is in store. Lots going on, so if you are close enough to Luton, come and support our local groups.

St George 2

Official Poster

St George's Day luton

And here are a few pictures taken on that afternoon.

Good Friday Meditation 2014

Good Friday Meditation,calligraphy,jpg,img.

And behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake and the rocks rent.

MATTHEW 27 : 51

The Making of a Parade Banner.

Banner,St Patrick's Day Parade,Banner,img,jpg

Having been lucky enough to have found Luton Irish Forum as a venue for our local calligraphy group, I was really happy to be asked to get involved with the St Patrick’s weekend celebrations. LIF commissioned local group, Olympian Productions  to stage a Father Ted Pageant entitled Craggy Island Local Priest Awards.  A banner was required for the parade and as a backdrop  for the stage.

My first thought was to materials, etc. The previous St Patrick’s weekend was a rather wet and windy affair so I needed everything to be weatherproof. Jackie at Jewels came up with some yellow polypropylene curtain blind material about 5 x 4 feet that looked as if it might be tough enough and would take permanent marker and acrylic paints .

To show how I go about this type of project it seemed a good idea to do most of the planning and marking out during group evenings at LIF. The first job was to rough out the actual text in Uncials on wallpaper with double markers to ascertain letter-size, then after marking in the x heights in pencil, a deep breath, and straight in with the double markers.

Making and using St Patrick's Day Banner

Then, at home, some Gold, Green, and white added.

Making and using St Patrick's Day Banner


Making and using St Patrick's Day Banner

Next, A couple of 7 foot dowels were wrapped and glued in place.

Making and using St Patrick's Day Banner

A few judiciously placed holes to aid pulling through the air and the banner was ready for use. It came through the parade unscathed and was placed on the stage as a backdrop to a hilarious performance by Mrs Doyle, Fathers Ted, Jack, Dougal, various other priests and the Bishop.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_137

The production was well received by a huge crowd and earned an award for the best group effort.

Making and using St Patrick's Day Banner

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the project and for being able to join in with so many other events over the weekend. The countdown has begun for next year. Gill and I are hoping the committee might ask us to contribute something.

Loads more pictures of the weekend’s activities

Keep watching this space.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Having been immersed in “Irishness”, (More about this in the next day or so), for the last few weeks and also being treated to such a wonderful weekend, I just had to put pencil to paper. So, here is my St Patrick’s Day Greeting to one and all.
Print it off, preferably in A3, and get the children to colour it in.

calligraphy,spiral,gaelic,happy st patrick's day,jpg,img

Keep watching this space.


Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous & Peaceful New Year.

Calligradoodles 0008 A roundhand demonstration with double markers.


This time I have changed the scale massively from the usual Calligradoodle          x height of 1″, to 8″. The marker points, (nib), set to 2″.                                            As usual, the whole thing was written and filmed in one take, with no editing, so there may be some small anomalies but I hope that teamed with all the previous worksheets and templates at  Lesson 1, and at Luton Calligraphy Workshops 1, it helps to make this most important step in the journey much easier to grasp .

Filmed at Luton Irish Forum Calligraphy Group by Peter Moss.

Don’t forget to PPP and keep watching this space.


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