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Our Calligraphy Group at the Luton Irish Forum, Four Year Anniversary

LIF new poster

It seems like only yesterday but I was reminded that it is four years today since Noelette, CO of Luton Irish Forum, gave us the chance to set up what might be the only Calligraphy Group in  Bedfordshire or perhaps even further afield. Since then many have come and gone but our little band has grown and continues to flourish (excuse the pun), with three more beginners just this week. It seems we have become a wee community of great friends among the greater community which is LIF.

We are never happier than when we have an ongoing project. Members always asking for another banner or some-such thing to work on. Here are a few projects we have  enjoyed sharing over this period.

Due to the nature of my blog editing software the pics may be a little out of order but you will see that we have had some great fun over the years. Thanks again to all at LIF, members past and present, not forgetting our late great friend and Fine Artist, the Hat Man, Richard Lees.



Luton Irish Forum Calligraphy Group.

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  Since completing the series of Workshops at Luton Museum, I have had numerous enquiries about when, or if, they might be repeated. Or, perhaps, if there might be evening sessions somewhere. I have floated a few ideas with Luton Culture and … Continue reading


It is with some regret that I feel I must discontinue what has become a large and enjoyable part of my life.  A year ago, give or take  month or so, I began to mark the birthdays of my Facebook friends with a Namedoodle.  At that time I was pretty new to Fb and had only about 50 ” friends” .  I decided that it might be a good idea to set aside one hour every few days to create something a little different.  Good practice for me, and, I hoped, inspiration for the recipient.  It also seemed a way, perhaps, that others could send greetings, rather than using Fb. Apps, i.e., ” so and so sent you a bunch of virtual flowers “.

If you haven’t seen a Namedoodle this is just one example

More variations can be found on my Skydrive Photos

Most of my friends are either calligraphers or at least have an interest in calligraphy or lettering.  For the experienced, I hoped that it would be interesting for them to see what another could do with such a remit.  More importantly that it might inspire the beginner / improver to explore various possibilities  when it comes to making letters or indeed, putting letters on a page.

I now have just short of 600 friends and find it much too difficult to cover every birthday, so, I shall stop now, rather than just cover a few favourites.  You might though, see the occasional piece for personal family and friends.  I shall continue to do commissioned pieces through Calligraphy by Bill Grant    Those who’s Namedoodles have appeared so far, have the facility to download and print from the link above.  I am also looking into a way of sending out the originals, in their rough state, mainly on ordinary copy paper, by Self Addressed Envelope.  Contact Calligraphy by Bill Grant ( subject Namedoodles ) for details.

I am hoping that with the time that now becomes available, I shall be able to spend a little more time on this Blog and at Calligraphy at Bill’s Space, to spread the word about the making of good letters.  Ah yes!  And with God’s help,  earn a few pennies by making some good letters of my own.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep watching this space.



Sp 4  

 Just a quick note to let you know what I have been doing lately.

In my trawling around the web, looking for calligraphy groups, I have noticed that mostly, we are restricted to adding photos to just a group album and that comments are concentrated mainly on the photos concerned , or are tucked away in discussions / topics  pages or the like, and interaction is  extremely limited.

Windows live have recently been offering group spaces, and  having made initial enquiries I was able to set up a basic page or two, not knowing where it would lead.   Luckily I was able to name the group  Calligraphy, Have a look to see how far I have got. 

My hope is that the group will bring all levels of all the crafts allied to Calligraphy and Lettering together in a spirit of togetherness and mutual understanding of the joys and trials and tribulations of this path we have chosen to follow.  Most of us golden oldies  will remember how difficult it was to make a start , and if each of us were able to pass on just the smallest of encouraging hints or tips, the mind boggles at the wealth of knowledge that could be built up over the years.  Beginners and improvers will be actively encouraged to post their work for critique and advice, then to add their own observations  to the common pool.

So far I have been able to work out how to set up a sort of forum and various other page titles,  and a juicy array of albums just to get us started.  As well as the usual group album we are able to set up other categories with sub folders and more importantly, each scribe should be able to set up their own album which can be accessed  ( but not edited ) by the whole group, so, creating a showcase for the various disciplines one is involved in,  Have a look and let me know how you get on.

This is just the beginning of your group.  I hope that once it is up and running, those who are really actively interested will find a way to keep all this on an even keel but for now, I am open to suggestions.  So join up now to make your  input matter.   At present to get access to all the functions, one has to request to join and then wait for me to open the door, as it were.  I shall try not to keep you waiting too long.

Cheers.   I look forward to seeing you.

Keep watching this space.