Welcome to Bill’s Space

Bill’s Space is aimed at anyone who has a love of calligraphy, or lettering. Especially beginners and those who are having trouble getting started. Featuring videos and worksheets, links and articles, all with a bias toward art, calligraphy, lettering, and teacher’s resources, and updated as new material comes to my notice.

Originally set up to promote good lettering, Bill’s Space has now metamorphosed into an all round meeting point for artists, calligraphers and teachers, worldwide, to relax while they search for that little something different to put in their resources locker.

The Group, CALLIGRAPHY at Bill’s Space Mk II, has been set up on Facebook to run alongside the original site. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience come and join in the fun. The more experienced scribe is encouraged to give help and assistance where needed.

I recommend that beginners go straight to Getting Started in Calligraphy where you will find a  guide to what you need to get started and links to the various lessons.

If you are looking for inspiration a browse through the links pages might just give you the nudge you need.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact box here-under.

I hope you  enjoy your visit. Please come again and tell your friends.

Keep watching this space.


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16 responses to “Welcome to Bill’s Space

  1. Dilys Rowlands

    Hello there Bill
    I would just like to thank you again for a very enjoyable calligraphy course at Wardown museum.


    • Thanks Dilys.

      So glad you enjoyed the workshops. Hoping to get some more sessions up and running asap.
      Will let you know what transpires. Your work is very good. Keep up the PPP.
      Good to see your paintings. They are stunning. Perhaps you should lean toward illumination.

      Cheers. Bill


  2. Hi Bill my name is Gina Carter or that’s what you know me by Tony told me he met you at a class in Wardown Park. He told me about you and gave me your details, a blast from the past. I now live in Wales and my face book name is Ginette Lott sent a friend request so I thought I had better explain who I was. Lived here for 37 years now and don’t have the advantage of bumping into old friends, love your site!i’m into drawing and watercolour painting not brilliant but love painting birds and animals, trees. Well I’ve gone on enough I remember you and hearing about you made me think of all those i have lost contact with. Speak soon Ginax


    • Hi Gina.
      Well, hello, after how many decades, or is it half centuries?
      I am glad you like Bill’s Space, I shall put a link on your Fb page so you can pass it on.
      Thanks for the invitation. I shall catch up with you there.


  3. Handwriting has always been important to me I think because it was taught so early in my schooling. It is an art! I hope they never stop teaching it.


  4. . It is an art! I hope they never stop teaching it.


  5. Hi Bill, Please could you Join me in to your FB group?
    I’m a beginner and Fontaholic, I would love to learn! Please can I join you?Have sent you a FB Request (my FB Profile Pic is the glass jug of pink roses, have added a comment as suggested). Thank You! Tanya


    • Hello Tanya.
      Sorry for the delay. You are now signed up for the group.
      I hope you get some inspiration from it. There are some very
      talented people among us, from beginners to masters. Enjoy!


  6. Hi looking for local course to attend rather than online, are you able to help at all please?


  7. Local being north herts!


  8. Hello Bill. My wife and I are celebrating our 60th birthdays with a special dinner at Luton Hoo in June. We have 40 place cards and would really like to have our guests’ names written in a professional style. Is this something you would be able to help us with?
    Paul & Sue Hodges


    • Hi Paul and Sue.
      Thanks very much for your enquiry.
      Due to retirement I no longer accept commissions. There is another local scribe who’s work
      I would recommend to the highest degree, I shall send details via your gmail.
      Another alternative is to join us at Luton Irish Forum Calligraphy Group on Friday afternoons and learn to DIY, heheh!
      All the best for your special day at the Hoo.


  9. What a wealth of information, thank you for sharing your beautiful art

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  10. David Woodcock

    Hi there

    Myself and my fiancée are looking for a calligrapher to write our vows in a small book we have for each other.
    Do you provide this service at all? If so how much would it cost?
    The wedding is on 1 October 2018


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