Have a Happy and Peaceful and Prosperous New Year

Let us hope that 2017 gets it’s act together straight from January 1st. and demands that we, poor misguided masses, are fed some good old words of truth for a change, rather than the weasel words of gobbledegook we have been fed by media and politicians all through 2016. (Perhaps I should amend that to all through history) Now, with all the optimism and anticipation I can muster, I am ready to take a peek into a New Year where Peace and Truth and Compassion and Humility and Love and Laughter, will, hopefully, at last become the norm.
The worldwide locations of Bill’s Space visitors and how you are forced to live (and die)  have been a great deal on my mind and I hope that all those same things will come to you, that  is, PEACE,TRUTH, COMPASSION, HUMILITY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, and, of course,  all those things that you wish yourselves.
I would like to thank you all for your continued support. Bill’s Space visitor numbers now total over 390,000, If you look at my clustrmap you will see a dot where you are. I look at those dots everyday and sometimes am able to put a name to those with whom I have become familiar over the years. I hope I have been able to show you a thing or two.
Thanks also to all in the LIF calligraphy group, I see the makings of a great future for the calligraphic arts in Luton. The  local, Luton art scene, many of whom have been along to the Luton Irish Forum calligraphy classes or expressed a wish to join us at some time. To Noelette and all at the Forum for continuing to afford us these amazing facilities. We have gone a long way over the last year. I promise that my very next blog will be to look back at what we, and our very talented crew have been up to.
Keep watching this space.

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