The Red Dot Gallery Exhibition.

Red Dot Gallery exhibition.img. jpg.

April 22nd and an invitation, due to one exhibitor of a group unfortunately having to cancel, I am invited to include some of my work in the local Red Dot Gallery, exhibition which is to open on May 1st so I have one week to delve into my portfolio of framed / unframed pieces and works in progress.

I very soon realised that I would need more frames and as time was getting short decided to take a trip to Zanart Ezeframe.  I have been using their expertise for around thirty years or so and  have always been extremely pleased with their products and service. The workshop is within a 20 minute or so drive of home so is also very handy. I subsequently posted on my Facebook page :- Have just spent a pleasant afternoon in Dane Lane, Wilstead, with the folks at Zanart EzeFrame. Fun to watch them chase a huge wasp / hornet? around the workshop. Came away with 6 frames plus a couple of mounts cut, while I waited, to be used at next week’s Red Dot exhibition. Great service and huge range of framing options. I recommend a look at their website and, if you can visit, a browse through their sale items.

Then a very busy weekend polishing and framing and in the end delivered            15 pieces to Red Dot on Monday April 29th. Luckily, as I had so many other things to take care of, Sam and the staff offered to hang my offerings so I left them in very capable hands.

Today, May 1st, I just had to go along to see the result. Here we are, the fruits of my labours all mixed up with an assortment of other goodies from                      Mike La-traille, Dave Poulton, Ruth Goodman,Nick Colyer, and Zakia Abdullah.


   DSCF3948   DSCF3949

DSCF3955   DSCF3953   DSCF3954

DSCF3952   DSCF3954 (2)profolial   DSCF3960

DSCF3951  DSCF3950


If you get the chance, why not come along and have a look.

Red Dot Flyer

Cheers.   Keep watching this space.

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