WIN YOUR OWN NAMEDOODLE. And the winner is……………

At the time of writing, according to the stats available to me, there have been  19,901 views all-time at Bill’s Space since we moved to WordPress from Spaces Live in September 2010.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have looked in to see what we are doing, especially our followers and those who drop in regularly, whether to check out the new links, follow the lessons, hints and tips, or to read the latest blog.  Oh and, of course, to Gill, who proofreads my work and frequently has cause to look upon herself as a computer widow.

To show my appreciation I would love to offer to write a Namedoodle for everyone, but time and energy just will not permit.  So, for the one person who leaves a request in the comments box of this article during the two weeks after the 20,000 mark is reached, and whose name is drawn from the hat.   I will make and  publish your Namedoodle, incorporate it into a “how to” blog and send you the original.  You will be consulted as to the style of N/d you require, name to be written, a short quote to be incorporated or birth details etc.


The 20,000 mark was reached on 20th April at about 0900 hrs BST.

The competition will end and name picked on Friday 4th May.


Thanks again to everyone for your support. I shall look forward to seeing your response.

Cheers.   Bill.

UPDATE 4th May 2012

The winner has been drawn from the hat by my Facebook friend, Nongluk Lak Pituktammanat.  Thanks Lak.

Thanks to all who entered.  Who knows, you might be next.

I am pleased to announce that fernando lembo di Pino has won this Namedoodle.  I shall be blogging all through the process to give an idea of my working methods etc.

Keep watching this space.

24 responses to “WIN YOUR OWN NAMEDOODLE. And the winner is……………

  1. That`s great, Bill. Wish you all the best. Love your work.


  2. Diana J. Brown

    Welcome to the SFC fb page! I look forward to your blog as well as well as your creative Namedoodles!!! Bravo,,,Diana B


  3. Bill,
    First, Congrats on your 20k milestone!
    Second, thank you for helping folks like me learn the craft and art of lettering.

    Third, I would love a Namedoodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Would love another one 🙂



  5. Hi Bill, I would love a namedoodle because I love the way the calligraphy just flows — it also reminds me of beautiful eastern patterns


  6. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do!
    I appreciate the way you share your skillful experience here.


  7. Wow! Great idea, Bill! Nice work and nice initiative! Rgrds and good stroke! 😉


  8. Please put my name in your hat. Love your stuff!


  9. you know I love your HAND, Bill…would like to get one ;D


  10. Would love for my name to be in the hat for one of your amazing Namedoodles!


  11. Reblogged this on BILL'S SPACE and commented:

    Updated to thank all entrants and to congratulate the winner.


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