The Font of All Wisdom?

Seeing the Bamburgh Research Project blog yesterday brought back memories from my dim and distant past. I thought you might be interested to hear this.

The article reminded me of a clay tablet that was found on an archaeological dig. I might have read this  c. 1953, in the family Arthur Mee encyclopaedia. I have searched the web but unfortunately there don’t seem to be any photos.  I do still have the scrap of paper on which I copied these intriguing words, but being the scribe that I am, I have tried here to render this as faithfully to the original, as described and illustrated in the article which was titled The Font Of All Wisdom.

I have never been able to work out the exact meaning of these words or even in which language they were first written. It does remind me though of  the Roman palindrome.

If you can throw some light on this, I would be very pleased to hear it, and I am sure it will make us all the wiser.  Thanks.

My thanks to  The Bamburgh Research Project For giving me the inspiration to do this piece.  Have a look at their site especially if you are hoping to spend some time at a dig during this season, There are places available.

Look for their group on Facebook

And the YouTube video channel.


Thanks to Gill for coming up with the title.

Keep watching this space.

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