The Left-handed Calligrapher.

I have noticed, recently that the search engines are sending  to Bill’s Space  a number of  people with  queries  about Calligraphy for the left-handed  scribe.

There is now a Facebook group specially for you. Also a general group for Lefthanders

Here I have begun a collection of links, videos and articles of interest to the left-hander, hoping it will make life easier if they can find  hints, tips and encouragement all in one place.  New posts will be added as I find them.  If the reader knows of any others, I would be pleased to hear of them and will add them to the list.  Please feel free also to add your experiences, ups and downs etc., via the comments box

First, Lessons for left-handed calligraphers  from Iampeth

And a very interesting and informative post from SCRIBESCRIBBLING, another WP blog.

Left-hand calligraphy sets, books, etc.
Calligraphy and the left-handed scribe  Taken from Iampeth

Just for a giggle

MaxMind   If you are left-handed – do not despair!
Left Hand Calligraphy from Wishful Inking


Gaynor Goffe. CLAS page for the Left Handed Calligrapher


Keep watching this space.

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