Calligradoodles-0006. How to write Italic Swash Capitals with double pencil.

Once you have got your teeth into italics you will need some capitals.  These are my version.  It has taken some years to reach this stage.  I strongly recommend that the beginner first studies Richard’s example before adding flourishes/swashes. 

These are eight nibwidths in height. That is  two and a half inches. You will note that the minuscule x height  was five nibwidths / one and a half inches.  Whatever you do with Initial capitals, the capitals within a body of script look more balanced and seem slightly weightier if kept to approximately half the height again of the minuscule.

Once again there are one or two letters here that have gone slightly awry. Rather than stopping to rub them out, thus spoiling the rhythm, I have again elected to carry on and show the whole sequence, warts and all. 

If you have any questions regarding this lesson or any of the others, please  ask them in the comment box. Others might like to see the answer too.

Next, and hopefully, not long in coming, Old English Blackletter.

Keep watching this space.

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