The Cola Pen. Recognition at last?

Some of my ” Lager Pens ”

Many of us have experimented with the ” Cola Pen “.  Some with better results than others.  Many have been put off, mainly because they feel there is some magic formula that has to be used in the cutting and shaping of the tool, and then in the actual use of a ” nib ” which is totally different from any other they have used, and with which they might  attempt to create their latest masterpiece.

I heard a whisper today.  I am not able to divulge the source. That one major soft drink manufacturer has been following our experiments, and has hinted they might like to target the worldwide calligraphic community by making not just a drink we would enjoy, but one that might make things easier for us all to create the ” Cola pen ” of our dreams.

In consultation with some of the greatest living exponents of gestural calligraphy, their designers have come up with some ten different pen designs which might be printed on a series of cans, along with comprehensive instructions as to their use .  Perhaps, they might also run a competition for the submissions of those who have fashioned their pens from the instructions given, using the hints and tips  of the designers of each pen.

There is no indication of a launch date as yet, nor of the country to be targeted for first production.  I, for one, will be looking forward to this enterprise, and will be lobbying all drinks manufacturers to make sure the UK is first on the list.  I am sure I might buy a can or two, whether or not the contents are to my liking.  Just as long as the calligraphy that ensues is as good as it says on the tin.

See also Getting Started for more on the cola pen.

Cheers one and all.

Keep watching this space.

2 responses to “The Cola Pen. Recognition at last?

  1. Really?! I don’t know. I just can’t believe they would really do this.


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