Not Calligraphy. Ceilidhography for a change.

I make no apologies for drifting off the track.  After all is said and done, we all need a change now and then.

Having been invited to stay with my cousin and family for a long weekend in order to attend a combined 60th – 21st  Birthday celebration, Gill and I were suddenly immersed in a world we had up until now, somehow, not experienced. That of the Shropshire Folk community.

At dinner on the first evening,  chatting to some friends of our hosts, we found that one, Sam, was part of a string/vocal trio. FLAXENBY .  Later in the weekend we were gifted two CDs.  WOW!  Thanks Sam, also Chris and Andy the other members of the band. Great music. No matter which genre you follow. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

After a busy Saturday afternoon we turned up at Cordingley Hall at 7.30 to be greeted by the musicians who had been setting up and testing the equipment. The atmosphere was similar to what I remember from my old rocker days, waiting for HAWKWIND to start their gig. Soon the room was filling up and two lads were given the nod to start proceedings.  So far, I don’t think  they have a website, but in my opinion, they have a great future in the music business. Keep your ears open for IN TOUCH.


Next up were OYSTERBAND . This snatch is taken from their bio.                             

In 50 words:

Oysterband make a modern, folk-based British music, acoustic at heart, sometimes intense, sometimes rocking. Since 1978 they’ve toured in 35 countries  –  festivals, concerts, bars, rallies, jails, bring ’em on!  –  and made 12 studio albums.

Music for the head, the heart & the trousers. And still improving in the bottle.

Not much more was needed to make a perfect evening, but more was to come. TAFFY THOMAS, MBE, the Storytelling Laureate from Grasmere was next. Children and adults alike were enthralled by his eccentric delivery.  I am no storyteller so I shan’t try to pass on what I gleaned from this learned gent. It is worth having a look at his site to get a glimpse of his life’s work.  Heheh.  Well done Mr Thomas.


 Real dancing music. I was almost tempted to join in.  In fact almost shamed into getting off my backside by the callers, Cate and Sheila.  The dancers added to the already sparkling atmosphere.  During a short break we were then entertained by Gill and Adele.  Two ladies from a local Belly Dancing group.  Brilliant!  One youngster was heard to ask,  “Mum, who are the shaky ladies?”  Sorry Gill, sorry Adele, the name is sure to stick.

Later all the bands were on stage together for a prolonged finale. 


Phew!  We finally drifted into the car park at 1.30 am.  Back home with some others for tea and whiskey.  Cheers Shaun. 

Slept until 9.00, then got ready for the afternoon session.  Dinner at the SWAN   in Ironbridge with more music.  Friends coming along with their instruments for a session.  Even the Shaky Ladies joined in with melodeon and flute.

Thanks to everyone who made our weekend so magical.  We can’t wait to revisit Folkland.

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