Bill’s Space has moved to WordPress.

If you click once and then again and again a surprise awaits you.

Who am I?  and what am I doing here in  darkest blogosphere?  

Bill’s Space is aimed at anyone who has a love of calligraphy, or lettering.  Especially those who are having trouble getting started.

 A Jack of All Trades.  Always aspiring to become a master of lettering, I learned a basic italic hand at school, and became a regular at the local library calligraphy section, but it took some years to find a local evening class. There I found myself able to help fellow students with their struggles. Shortly after this I became a tutor myself at evening classes and also started a local church group.  Back in the eighties my work was exhibited in Luton Library.  For 6 years I was privileged to lead a Calligraphy Workshop/Retreat at Belmont Abbey, Hereford.
 Any scribe will tell you that people wrongly assume that if you can put letters on paper you will be able to paint them onto almost anything.  Brushwork, though, is a completely different technique to master. Luckily I was able to join a 1 year full-time course and then worked for some time as a signwriter, but I never lost my love of penmanship.
 I hope I can help you on your journey.
Bill’s Space was  originally set up to promote good lettering. It has now metamorphosed into an all round meeting point for artists, calligraphers and teachers, worldwide, to relax while they search for that little something different to put in their resources locker. Recently a new group, Calligraphy at Bill’s Space, has been set up on Facebook to run alongside the original site, and another, Calligraphy, on Windows Live Groups.  Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience come and join in the fun. The more experienced scribe is encouraged to give help and assistance where needed. 
Thanks for dropping by.  Come and see us again. 
Keep watching this space.

2 responses to “Bill’s Space has moved to WordPress.

  1. yay bill!
    I’ll make sure I add this new site to calligraffia’s blog list (


    • Thanks Ronnie. It is good to hear from you and that you are going to give me a mention.
      Your Calligraffia Blog is brilliant. It is amazing how many great scribes there are in Oz.
      I will have a lot to live up to. Keep up the good work.

      Cheers Bill.


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