Today at the click of a button, I seem to have lost all the work I have put into Bill’s Space.  My Blog and photos are here on the WordPress site but the links and video players are no more.  I am sure at some point I shall be able to replace them but it means learning a whole new bunch of rules so bear with me.  Hopefully, normal service will soon be restored.  Meanwhile, have a look and let me know what you think.

Keep watching this space.

6 responses to “THINGS HAVE CHANGED


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  4. Hello Bill
    So far I have not encountered any problems except that your “all 3 sets if worksheets pdf” link is not working. Thanks for all!


  5. Hello, Bill. Sorry to hear that. The only thing I’ve seen so far is that your “all 3 sets of worksheets pdf” link is not working. Hope you recover your info (you must have a backup version with your host). Best,


    • Hi Carolina.
      The post I linked to here was written October 2010 and I have since recovered from those problems.
      I tried the round-hand pdf link today. It does work but you have to download the file from Sky drive to your computer first.
      It is a large file, 7.4 Mb, but once you have it installed, you will be able to magnify each page and print off anything you need.
      Thanks for looking and replying.
      Cheers. Bill.


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