2 responses to “A QUICK NOTE ON SPACING

  1. Hi Bill. Debb here. I know it’s subjective and probably is each calligrapher’s preference, but my tutor would say this is too tight! I prefer it like this if I’m honest as I write "tightly" as it were. I like this as it really helps. I’ve tried printing it out so I can use it for reference however it’s just a little too light. You are a very useful chap to know for a budding scribe (am I allowed to call myself that yet?) :-)CheersDebbx


  2. From my first day at school I was a scribe in training. I will never be anything more. The more I learn, the more I need to know.For now, it is best to specialise in one style and method of spacing.Let the layout look after itself and you will look after the layout.If you look for help outside yourself, do not be a Butterfly but set yourself on one path. You can always change direction when you come to a fork in the road.Until then, follow your instructor’s lead. He / She, has a goal in mind for you.Ultimately it all comes down to, ……………how much time, effort, blood ,sweat and tears do you,the " budding " scribe, wish to put into it?Oh, and while we are about it. You do not need hard copy of this example.Just learn the rule and see the spacing as it comes.It will take time, but the time will come!


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